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Question and Answers

Hear are a few commonly asked questions and answers.

1. Do you offer free Shipping?

No we do not.  We also do not raise up our prices to cover the cost of free shipping.  We have noticed that many nurseries offer free shipping after a certain dollar amount of purchase.  This may seam like a good deal. When we compared the cost of each of their product and compared the same or similar product that we offer we found that you paid any where from 50% to two or three times what we charge.  They are just burying the cost of the shipping in the cost of the plant.  Everyone loves free shipping but nothing is for free.

2. Do you offer coupons to first time customers?

Not at this time.

3. How are your plants shipped?

We ship most plants bare root.  If it is in a 2.5" or 2" pot then we ship them in pot.  If there is no space saving by taking it out of the pot then we leave it in, it is better for the plant and easier for the customer at the other end.

4. When do you go to Summer Shipping rates?

We move to summer shipping rates from April1st to April 15th.  The timing is weather dependent but these have been the time frame for the last number of years.


5. Why are winter shipping rates so Expensive?

Due to the freezing temps across Canada all winter long we have to move plants quickly.  This means using Express post shipping.  This is a much more expensive shipping option then Expedited.  Canada Post has increased theirs rate and has added a fuel surcharge which can be almost as much a third the cost of the shipping.