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Neoporteria - Eriosyce

Neoporteria - Eriosyce

The Neoporteria and Eriosyce are small spherical cacti that grow at high altitudes along the Andes chain. More than a genre on its own, Neoporteria should be considered a subset of the Eriosyce. Having said that many plants and seeds are still sold under the Neoporteria name.  We have lumped Neoportia and Eriosvce together since there is so much over lap.

The shape of the stem can become cylindrical with age, as the plant grows; sometimes it has vertical ribs, more often tubercles similar to those of Mammillaria. The coloration of the body can often be dark brown to purple making these very striking cacti.  Flowers are large,  daisy shaped and of various colors that can go from pink to light red.

These are relatively easy in cultivation as long as they are not over watered.  Growing in a very free draining mix is a must for these guys.