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Shipping and Company Policies

Payment Processing and Security

We use Square payments as our payment processor because of their security protections for both the purchaser and seller.  In addition to the security features they employ, they also accept all major credit cards.


If you are unfamiliar with Square you will find it quick and easy If you don't have a major credit card we also accept certified cheque or money order. Your order will be delayed as we will have to wait till we receive payment but will be glad to hold the plants that you have ordered. If you would like to pay with alternative methods contact us to make arrangements at:


Cell 250-465-1338



Shipping Cost

Due to cacti and succulents hardy nature they are for the most part well made for shipping. All our plants are are generally shipped bare root with some exceptions (please read description of each category and species), with Canada Post Expedited parcel to keep shipping cost down. For Expresspost shipping please consult our winter shipping rates for costs and contact us to make arrangements for payment.

We do not use any alternative shippers at this time.


The following rates are with Canada Post Expedited parcel from our nursery to anywhere in Canada.

 Summer rate go into affect as soon as weather permits.  This is usually April 1st to 15th depending on the year.

Summer Shipping Rates

$0 - $35.00 TBA
$35.00 - $50.00 TBA
$50.00 - $75.00 TBA
 $75.00 - $110 TBA
$110 - and up TBA


Winter Shipping Rates

Due to the extreme temperatures of the Canadian Winter we switch to our winter shipping program from early Nov to April 1st -April 15th depend on weather. Our winter shipping program combines 72 hr heat packs with fast shipping. This allows us to ship to most locations in Canada throughout the winter. The following table out lines our winter shipping rates for anywhere in Canada. We reserve the right to not include a heat pack in your order if we deem it unnecessary, plants being cold hardy or shipping to the South Coast area.

Below are our shipping tables.  Please locate the table that applies to your address.

Winter shipping rates between Nov 1st  to April 15th Depending on weather. *heat pack included.


British Columbia

$0 - $35.00 $23.50             
$35.01 - $50.00                                  $27.50
$50.01 - $75.00 $33.00
$75.01 - $110.00 $40.00
$110.01 - $200.00 $50.00
$200.01 - $500.00


$500.01 - $1000.00 $100.00
$1000.01 - $2000.00 $200.00



$0 - $35.00 $28.00
$35.01 - $50.00 $34.00
$50.01 - $75.00 $45.00
 $75.01 - $110.00 $50.00
$110.01 - $200.00 $66.00
$200.01 - $500.00 $80.00
$500.01 - $1000.00 $100.00
$1000.01 - $2000.00 $150.00


 Central Canada: SK and MB

$0 - $35.00                                          $38.00               
$35.01 - $50.00 $46.00
$50.01 - $75.00 $56.00
$75.01 - $110.00 $70.00
$110.01 - $200.00 $110.00
$200.01 - $500.00 $135.00
$500.01 - $1000.00 $160.00
$1000.01 - $2000.00 $200.00


Eastern Canada: ON, QC

$0 - $35.00                                          $47.00               
$35.01 - $50.00 $57.00
$50.01 - $75.00 $68.00
$75.01 - $110.00 $76.00
$110.01 - $200.00 $110.00
$200.01 - $500.00                             $140.00            
$500.01 - $1000.00 $175.00
$1000.01 - $2000.00 $350.00

Maritime s and the Canadian North: NL, NS, NB, PE, YT, NT, NU

0 - $35.00              $56.00     
$35.01 - $50.00 $68.00
$50.01 - $75.00 $80.00
$75.01 - $110.00 $94.00
$110.01 - $200.00


$200.01 - $500.00                                       


$500.01 - $1000.00


$1000.01 - $2000.00


Disclaimer: Shipping in winter has inherent risks. Even though we offer faster shipping with a heat pack Valley Succulents is not responsible for any loss or damages that may occur under any circumstances. Shipping in winter is at your own risk.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy We do not share or release data or information to third parties that you send us. We take your personal and business privacy very seriously.



We guarantee that the plants that you order are healthy and in excellent condition.  The pictures are an approximation of size and appearance.  We will always try to send you the biggest and best plants that we have on hand.    Please understand that there is a certain amount of wear that your plants will go through in the shipping process.  We try to minimize this through careful packing but small amounts can occur.  We will not offer refunds or send new plants if this is the case.

For larger damages or concerns please provide picture and we will be happy to work with you to rectify the problem.  You must notify us of shipping damage within 24 hours of receiving packages.

Return Policy and Cancellation.

You may cancel an order any time and receive a full refund until your order has shipped.  Once your order has shipped there is no way for us to have Canada Post return it to us.  In this event we do not offer any returns on plants.  Shipping plants puts them through considerable stress and to have them spend double the time in a box we would suffer to high of losses.

Damages and Loss

If your package arrives damaged or the plants in side are damaged or dead please contact us immediately.  Any claims must be made with in 2 days of delivery.  Picture of the damaged plants, or box will be required.  Valley Succulent reserves the right to decide on whether to send new plants or a refund. 

In the advent that your package was never delivered you have 60 days from time of purchase to contact us for a refund or to have another order sent.   After the 60 days we will not offer any compensation .  Please note that all parcels have tracking and that if the mailing address provided is not correct and the parcels has been deliver to that address no refund will be offered. 

Requesting individual Pictures

Sorry we are too busy to supply individual pictures of our stock.  The pictures on the web site are an approximation of what you can expect when ordering.  When you order you will receive a plant that is similar to what you see but will have variations that are with in the species.  For variegated plants this means that the variegation will differ but be of similar level.  The only time we will provide individual picture is if the plant is a specimen or one of a kind and this is indicted on the web site.  

International Orders - Shipping


Paper work and documents

Any shipments of plant material leaving Canada is required to have an inspection and Phytosanitary certificate. This is to ensure that all exporting laws of Canada and importing requirements of the country of destination are met. We highly recommend getting a Phyto certificate for large orders. Each country deals with the importing of plants without document differently but most will simply throw them in the garbage. If you would like a Phytosanitary certificate please read the following requirements.

Min order $250 CAD Phytosanitary certificate $40.00 (Free on orders over $500 CAD) Import permit from Country of destination (if required) Payment in full for order before inspection.

Orders to USA

Due to USA's strict import rules and enforcement we will not ship any orders into the United Sates with out paper work.  Please consult the tables below to see where your order fits.  

Orders and orders without paper work

If your order is small or you choose to ship without paper work please consult the tables below for costs, payment and shipping options.


Order less than $30.00 CAD (Not Valid for USA) * See Exclusions below
Payment accepted: PayPal, Cash, International money wire ($20 fee)
Shipping options:  Small packet air tracking
CITES Plants: Yes (Excluding USA)
Phtosanitary certificate: No


Orders $30 CAD to $250 CAD (Not Valid For USA) * See Exclusions below
Payment accepted: Cash, International money wire ($20 fee)
Shipping options: Small packet air no tracking, Small packet air tracking, air Mail (tracking), DHL
CITES Plants: Yes (Excluding USA)
Phtosanitary certificate: No


Orders $250 CAD to $500 CAD * See Exclusions below
Payment accepted: PayPal, Cash, International money wire ($20 fee)
Shipping options: Air Mail (tracking), DHL
CITES Plants: No
Phtosanitary certificate: Yes ($40)
Washing and Handling Fee $2.00 / Plant


Orders over $500 CAD * See Exclusions below
Payment accepted: PayPal, Cash, International money wire ($20 fee)
Shipping options: Air Mail (tracking) , DHL
CITES Plants: No
Phtosanitary certificate: Free
Washing and Handling Fee $2.00 / Plant



Due to some countries unreliable postal service or high levels of mail fraud we have excluded some countries from making payment by Pay Pal if you want an order with no paperwork and regular post.  In this situation we would only except payment by international money wire or cash.  If you wish to pay with Pay Pal then you will only have the option of shipping with DHL and paperwork. 

Below is a list of countries and ares that this limitation has been applied to. 

Mexico, Central America, South America, India, Africa, Russia


Guarantees and Liabilities

Valley Succulents will always work to the best of our abilities on your behalf regardless of you order size, shipping options, paperwork or no paper work. We how cannot be responsible for any loss or damages under any circumstances once your packages leave Canada.


Paying for International Orders

For payment on International orders we except payment by Pay Pal, international money wire, or cash. Please see the Exclusions above for what type a payment we will except for your order.  We charge a $20.00 processing fee for international wire payments. For cash payments we except Canadian or American dollars. If you are sending cash please send envelope by registered mail to ensure tracking and safety. Please note that if you are paying with Pay Pal you must go with a traceable shipping option.


CITES Plants

Due to new rules which require large amounts of paper work we are unable to provide CITES documents for international orders. Please consult the CITES list and be aware of which plants are on it before ordering.


Read carefully and if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us