Simply Home Grown -Fertilizers
A 3 part all purpose formula that will grow everything!
  Combine Grow, Micro, and Bloom nutrients to achieve specialized feeding programs for any type of plant you want to grow. This systems allows you to make custom nutrient mixes for healthy and beautiful plants in all phases of their life cycle. These products are ideal for all types of growing mediums. Always add Grow, Bloom and Micro separately to your solution
SGH Combo Pack
1 liter 
Price 13.00
1 liter 
Price 14.50
1 liter 
Price 13.00
1 liter each
Price 37.00

  Hearty Grow Seaweed-Fertilizer
  Hearty Grow Seaweed is suitable for all types of plants.
  Use of this product leads to faster growth of plants and improves the speed of photosynthesis. It will also give you a longer flowering season for your plants. It improves the quality of fruits by making them larger and healthier for consumption. Hearty Grow Seaweed can be added to your soil or potting soil to maintain the structure and stability of the soil. It also enhances your plants so that they can resist drought, frost and diseases.
Hearty Grow
1 liter
Price 13.00

  Humic Health Soil Enhancer
  Humic Health Soil Enhancer is effective at improving the quality of all types of soils, especially clay, sandy and organically deficient soils. The introduction of humic acid to clay or other compacted soils allowing for greater water and root penetration. In Sandy soils, humic acid adds vital organic material back into the soil, wich allows for improved wartwer retention and deeper root development, both of which are lacking in sandy soils.
Humic Health
Soil Enhancer
1 liter
Price 14.50

  Hearty B'S Tonic
  Superb Health Tonic for your Plants
  Hearty B's is designed to promote rooting, maintain health and vigour of your plants, and prevent shock from transplanting and pruning. It contains vitimin B-1, natural humates, natural hormones. Enzymes, carbohydrates and amino acids. It is also a great source of natural auxins and cytokinins. This formula is ideal for all types of gardening applications, Use as a foliar spray, soil drench, or as a suppliment. good for hydroponic gardens as well.
Hearty B'S
250 ml
Price 8.00
Hearty B'S
120 ml
Price 6.00

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