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Opuntia basilaris (Mini Form)

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1 unit

Pot Size: 3.5”
Recommended Temperature zone USAD: 5 - 10
Frost Tolerance: -25.c
Minimum Avg. Temperature: N/A
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Origin: Native to the dry desert areas of south western USA, north western Mexico and Baja
Height: 6”
Width: 12”
Growth rate- Shape: Moderately spreading mat
Watering Needs: Regular water in summer, little in winter
Flowers: Rose Purple

Note: Please note that these plants are very fragile as the name implies, and it is almost impossible to ship these and have them arrive in one piece.   The stems will detach with the slightest bump.  These stems are easily rooted and will form new plants very shortly.  We try to pack them as carefully as we can but they almost always break.  We will not offer refunds for plants that arrive with the pads separated.