Sun Blaster Fixtures and bulb
  Sun Blaster High Output low temperature T5 strips lights offer a cost effective lighting product that can be used for propagation and grow phases of cultivation. Use them individual or connect up to 8 together to cover a larger growing area. The plug and play technology with no additional wiring required makes these lights ideal for indoor setups.

-Available in 4ft, 2ft and 3ft
-Light ballast included
-6400K light out put.
-54 watts each
-50 percent energy savings compared to standard florescent lights.
Sun Blaster T5HO
24in - Price 35.99
36in - Price 40.99
48in - Price 45.99

  Planter Pride Heat Mat
  These robust heat maps are ideal for germinating seeds and if used on their own will raise the soil temperature 10 to 20 degrees Celsius above ambient air temperature. For more precise temperature control combine these with a digital soil probe. The durable outer is wear resistance and water proof and will give many years of use. Once you purchase one of these you will have it for the rest of your life.

-Available 9in x 20in, 20in x 20in and 48in x 20in
-Water Proof
-107 watts usage - Rugged construction

Heat Pad
9in x 20in - Price 29.99
20in x 20in - Price 59.99
48in x 20in - Price 99.99

JUMP START Heat Mat Thermostat
This thermostat and soil probe will allow you to select and maintain an optimum rooting temperature of your soil for your
seed cuttings. The digital display provides a precise temperature reading and allows for accurate temperature setting.

-Digital display for easy and accurate reading and allows for accurate temperature settings.
-Temperature control from 20 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius
-6ft soil probe
-Runs multiple pads with 1000 watts capacity.
Heat Mat Thermostat
Price 49.99
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