Safer's® Insecticidal Soap
  Repeat as necessary or every 10-12 days.

- OMRI Listed® and compliant for use in organic gardening
- Short lived contact spray
- Available in 550 ml spray bottle and 250 ml concentrate
Insecticidal Soap
1 Lt spray bottle
Price $18.00
500 ml concentrate
Price $18.00
  Safer's® Defender Fungicide
  This product is used in the control of Powdery mildew, Black Spot, and Rust. Safer's® Defender Fungicide is a liquid, sulphur based fungicide which controls the most common surface infecting fungal problems such as powdery mildew, black spot and rust. Defender actual defends the plants by covering them with a protective coating. This product is ideal for roses as it does not have the strong smell often associated with sulphur based products.

- Affective in dealing with Powdery mildew
- Low oder

Defender Fungicide
1 Lt Spray Bottle - Price 15.00
Safer's® Slug & Snail Bait
Safers® Slug & Snail Killer is a unique, natural product for the control of destructive slugs and snails. Slug & Snail Killer contains a powerful bait that is highly attractive to slugs and snails. When slugs and snails ingest this sodium ferric bait, it interferes with their digestive process and makes them stop eating immediately. After retreating to a safe hiding place, this bait kills slugs and snails within 3-6 days. Unlike the synthetic product metaldehyde, Safers® Slug & Snail Killer is safe for use around pets, wildlife and edible crops. In addition, it will not harm beneficial insects, making this the best slug and snail control product for gardens. Since iron is naturally found in soil, this snail and slug bait will not persist in the environment like a synthetic formula.

- Will protect your plants for up to 2 weeks
- Stops slugs and snails from feeding after they ingest product
- Safe for use around pets

Slug & Snail Bait
1 Kg - Price 23.99

Safer's End All II
  This concentrate miticide/insecticide is designed for the control of aphids, white fly, scale, spider mites, and mealy bugs. Due to the fatty acid and pyrethins components End All II is particularly useful in dealing with mealy bug and scale which are more resistant to other insecticide sprays. Use immediately once bugs have been found and repeat every 10-12 days if necessary.

- Effective in killing Mealy bug and Scale
- Will not burn new growth
- Short lived contact spray
- Available in 1L spray bottle, 500 ml concentrate

End All II
500 ml concentrate Price 18.00
1 liter spray bottle - Price $16.00