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Trichocereus pachanoi PC (San Pedro)

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Maximum Purchase:
4 units

Pot Size: 1 gallon
Recommended Temperature zone USAD: 8 - 10
Frost Tolerance: 0.c
Sun Exposure: Full sun light sun
Origin: Mountains of Ecuador and Peru,
Height: 20’
Width: 6’
Growth Rate – Shape: Multi-stemmed columnar cactus
Watering Needs: Regular water in summer, dryer in winter
Flowers: Night blooming white

Please note these are rooted cuttings.  The length will typicaly range from 5" to 8" above the soil with the average around 6"-7"  There is a 3"-5" section that was buried in the soil.  This section of the stem will be discolored and sometimes be some what softer then the above ground section.  This is completely healthy and is not a sign of rot.  When you receive your cutting it should be planted at or close to the line of the discolored stem. 

Sometimes if this Trichocereus is stressed it will develope small black spots.  These will typicaly show up after being repotted or in times of stress.  These spots are only on the surface and are not a sign of rot.  This is something that seems to be unique to this plant. 

We do our best and would never ship any plant that shows these spots but due to the unforseen nature of these spots we will not offer refunds for plants that arrive with them or develope them shortly after they have been repotted.  This is something that is beyond our control.

San Pedro's are a very easy and rewarding plant to grow.  If given proper care you can expect 4" to 8" of growth in a season.